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The latest Phil Evans column

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The latest Phil Evans column

Posted By Robert Lloyd

Comedian Phil Evans is from Ammanford. He is known as the man who puts the ‘cwtsh’ into comedy. Website – www.philevans.co.uk



Follow me down Memory Lane, first right into Nostalgia Street, then left up Reminiscence Avenue . . .

Before the idea of 24-hour rolling news channels gestated in the mind of some media ‘genius’ with too much time on his hands, television broadcasters occasionally interrupted programmes with a “News Flash”.

One minute viewers would be watching “Starsky And Hutch” or “3-2-1!” Then, suddenly, the screen would go blank and a continuity announcer would say in a solemn voice, “We now go over to our news room for a News Flash”.

They were words that would make genteel old ladies in Spa towns reach for the gin bottle with shaking hands, because every time it happened, viewers worried World War Three had started.

Today, we’re so used to ‘Breaking News’ (about anything from a light dusting of snow to the death of a fashion designer most of us have never heard of) that we barely look up from our collector’s edition (only one was published, or indeed necessary) of “Kamikaze Pilot Monthly”.

A News Flash had more effect on the digestive system than a bowl of bran flakes as it signified something really importanthad happened, such as the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy; the death of Winston Churchill; and (I know this because a friend of mine worked for the company) Vehicle and General Insurance suddenly going into liquidation in 1971.

Their one million customersleft without insurance cover were firmly told, “Get your cars off the road . . . immediately!

24-hour rolling news channels, breakfast television and irritating ‘news updates’ that certain channels drop in between orin the middle of programmes, have consigned News Flashes to history, along with the lute, public executions and families happy to sit in restaurants without checking their mobile phones every five minutes.

Now . . . don’t get me started on rolling news weather presenters who make a three-course meal out of their forecasts before leaving us still wondering whether it’s going to rain!


Marvellous mirth:

Laughter comes in many forms: the giddy giggle, the mild chuckle, the gutsy guffaw, the sarcastic “ha!”

Its meaning is just as varied, signalling everything from amusement to discomfort and distain.

For researchers, understanding how our brain interprets this complex behaviour is serious business.

Yes, people are actually paid loads of money to research this stuff.

Every day we are faced with varying degrees of stress and challenging situations/

And, as time goes on, as we get older, relaxation and laughter can slow down the ageing process.

We are bombarded with information relating to weight loss, diets, exercise and such like.

But little is said about the huge health benefits of laughter.

This is probably because of the lack of understanding by the masses . . . up to this point!

Over the years, while attending many conferences, I have been party to such a discussion, that left me convinced that the benefits of humour and being around uplifting people can add years to our lives, reduce the need for anti-depressants and keep our brains active for much longer.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get laughter on prescription?

After all, laughter is the best medicine.

Unless, of course, you are diabetic. Then, insulin works better.


You can follow Phil Evans on Twitter @philevanswales and www.philevans.co.uk

Please again include www.philevans.co.uk

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