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Teacher Gareth is flying the flag for Wales in China

Robert Lloyd PR, Media and Marketing Consultancy News Teacher Gareth is flying the flag for Wales in China


Teacher Gareth is flying the flag for Wales in China

Posted By Robert Lloyd

A Llanelli man is carving out a career for himself, teaching English in China

Gareth Lewis, 24, is a graduate of Swansea University and has been working in Nanjing in China since last year.

“It’s been a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to anyone looking to try the experience of teaching abroad – and the amazing experience of working in China.

“It’s a fabulous place and it’s a great life experience and education to be working and living in a place like Nanjing,” said Gareth.

Gareth is working in China through the Kids R Kids Learning Academies.

He’s been taking a little bit of Wales to China, with Welsh flags and T-shirts and using his talent for singing.

He said: “I teach English to children aged four to five years of age, but I always make sure they know that I am from Wales.”

Gareth was educated at Lakefield and Coedcae schools and Coleg Sir Gar in Llanelli before studying physical geography at Swansea University.

He explained how his China adventure started –

“After graduating from university, I felt I didn’t know what career I was going to pursue, but teaching was a consideration. A year later, I found this teaching job at Kids R Kids in China, which interested me because it was teaching and it was in a different country with a completely different culture.

“I got the job and moved to Nanjing. I have been there for nearly two years and it has transformed into something special. I have had a fantastic time working at the school and have made many friends outside of school, as well as playing music in a band.

“Living in the area has also allowed me to travel to many amazing places around China – and countries close by, including South Korea, Phillipines and Vietnam.

“I have learned so much about the Chinese culture, as well as learning a little Chinese in the process.

“To anyone who is graduating, or has already graduated, I strongly recommend coming to China for at least a year or two; it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

“Nanjing is one of the biggest cities in the province. It has the very best technology, great public transport and it’s cheap – about £6 a month will get you anywhere in the city.

“It’s a city of eight million people and with so much history, as it is the former capital of China.

“As far as the teaching goes, the rewards are immense. You get such a buzz from seeing the children pick up English so quickly. The class sizes are quite small, so you really can make a huge difference to young lives.”

Gareth added: “Working for the Kids R Kids team is a great experience. Once you’ve got all your paperwork sorted, they make the experience and the relocation to China so easy.

“They are a great company to work for and I will definitely be staying out in China for a year or two yet, before, perhaps, returning to teach in South Wales.”

Gareth added: “The social side is great here in Nanjing and I am enjoying developing my musical skills. I play in a band called The Epiphonics . . . with Allan from Denmark, Dave from England and Sherry from China, so we are a pretty international line-up!

“We are enjoying playing in the bars and the clubs in Nanjing and building up a nice little following.”

Other information:

Annabelle Zhu, whose company is representing Kids R Kids China in UK and Ireland, said: “This opportunity is lifechanging and the personal and economic benefits for the staff are endless.

“There are exciting jobs awaiting graduates in any subject, as well as qualified teachers and those looking for management roles.”

You can find out more about the Kids R Kids team on the websites below.

Weblink –

www.kidsrkids.comand www.kidsrkidschina.com


Gareth back home in Llanelli, pictured outside Llanelly House.

Gareth in Nanjing, China.

Video clip link –


For further information:

Chinese Language Services Centre

Robert Davies or Annabelle Zhu


Tel: 07875 944304

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