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Random blog – November 7

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Random blog – November 7

Posted By Robert Lloyd

Weather forecast for Llanelli-on-sea today is ‘shades and walking boots, extra spring in step’.

McMillan Morning Notes (early walk) –

Temporary traffic lights make for a pedestrian traffic jam.

Rocket sticks on the pavement are the legacy of fireworks – money up in smoke!

The unknown soldier stages a postbox takeover.

There’s some shape shifting going on in the signposts.

Carmarthenshire teens to tackle environmental challenges –


Road north of Carmarthen could be closed for up to 12 months after landslide –


Llanelly House not reopening before next year due to ‘complex repairs’ after fire –


Today’s random front page is the Western Daily Press. #SupportYourLocalPaper #RegionalFronts #buyapaper

Today’s South Wales Echo front page. #SupportYourLocalPaper #RegionalFronts #BuyAPaper

Today’s South Wales Evening Post front page. #SupportYourLocalPaper #RegionalFronts #BuyAPaper

Today’s Western Mail front page. #SupportYourLocalPaper #RegionalFronts #buyapaper

One for my pals in the north. Today’s Daily Post front page. #SupportYourLocalPaper #RegionalFronts #BuyAPaper

Today’s playlist is a random mix from Spotify. Includes Jim Croce, Elvis Presley The Zombies, Gary Wright and Status Quo.

Good effort from all concerned to fund this new all-weather pitch in Mumbles –


The Coal Authority aims to fix this collapsing road in Swansea for good –



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