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Temporary barbecue ban at Pembrey Country Park

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Temporary barbecue ban at Pembrey Country Park

Posted By Robert Lloyd

Rangers at Pembrey Country Park are enforcing a temporary ban on barbecues, camping stoves and camp fires to limit the risks of grass and forest fires.

A small fire broke out at the Park on Saturday afternoon after a barbecue ignited trees and bushes near to the visitor centre.

It was kept under control by rangers and extinguished by Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service, but sparked evacuation of the nearby campsite.

Ground conditions have been extra dry following the intense heatwave which, whilst great for camping conditions, mean extra hazards for park rangers to deal with.

A temporary ban has now been put in place until ground conditions dampen.

Signage has been placed around the park and information has been shared on the Park’s website and social media channels.

Visitors are being encouraged to bring picnics and pre-cooked foods.

Ian Jones, Head of Leisure, said: “We don’t want to spoil anyone’s enjoyment of the Park but we have to put safety considerations first. We had previously advised people to exercise caution with lit barbecues and disposal of waste but until conditions improve we are now enforcing a ban.

“We hope people will understand our reasoning behind this move and respect the ban.”

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