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The latest Phil Evans column

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The latest Phil Evans column

Posted By Robert Lloyd

Comedian Phil Evans is from Ammanford. He is known as the man who puts the ‘cwtsh’ into comedy. Website – www.philevans.co.uk


Lieutenant Chard! Look! Killjoys! Over A Dozen Of ’Em!

Some of us are lucky enough to be able to express our opinion and thoughts in print, or as part of a stand-up routine.

But, although there are things in this world that I disagree with or just ‘can’t get my head around’, I’d never prevent anyone from raising money for good causes because I don’t agree with the method by which they’re doing it.

Members of Folkestone’s Silver Screen Cinema Club run events at their local cinema where ‘mature cinemagoers’ can have tea and biscuits before watching classics like “Casablanca” or “Police Academy 48”.

Recently, they wanted to raise money for Armed Forces charities by screening “Zulu”, a film described by Sheldon Hall, author of “Zulu – With Some Guts Behind It” (the story of the the making of the 1964 classic) as . . .

“One of the best-loved and enduringly popular British films ever made. The extraordinary story of the 1879 Battle Of Rorke’s Drift in which barely 150 soldiers of the British Army fought against an attack by 4000 highly-disciplined Zulu warriors.”

No sooner had the charity event been announced than a bunch of local killjoys wanted it stopped because the film has ‘racist overtones’.


Yes, the film depicts Zulus being killed.

But it also shows British soldiers being killed.

Because (Doh!) that’s what happened at Rorke’s Drift.

Would the same killjoys complain if the film chosen had been 1979’s “Zulu Dawn”, a belated prequel, which depicts the massacre of 1300 British soldiers by 20,000 Zulus?

Don’t just take my word that “Zulu” isn’t racist.

The following was written by someone who appeared in the film.

“It was an experience I will always cherish. And it must be remembered that 11 British soldiers were awarded the Victoria Cross in that battle – an all-time record.”

Prince Mangosuthu G. Buthelezi M.P. Province Of kwaZulu-Natal.

Killjoys of Folkestone – take that!


It’s safe to say that I’m not a big fan of call centres, or cold callers, despite the fact that everyone has to make a living.

But I draw the line when unsolicited calls from such establishments come through on my mobile phone.

My mobile number is only known to close friends and family.

So how did that happen?

Our privacy is slowly but surely being eroded.

Have you ever been browsing the internet for something and then, all of a sudden, your social media is flooded with what you’ve been looking for?

Yes. That.

My cold caller said the information he had was accurate and had been provided by a regulated and reliable source and I just needed to answer a few personal questions.

I played along, knowing there was no way he was getting any more information off me.

Unfortunately, some people get befuddled at this point and end up providing personal information.

The cold caller then wanted to know my address.

Then my previous mortgage companies.

It was then that I reminded him that it would be rather foolish of me to provide personal and sensitive information to a stranger over the phone.

This challenge obviously irritated him and he hung up.

I know I have never been mis-sold any financial products in the past, so the gentleman was clearly lying and not even very good at it.

Now, of course, I have even less tolerance of call centres.


You can follow Phil Evans on Twitter @philevanswales and www.philevans.co.uk

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