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Just about books . . .

Posted By Robert Lloyd

Two Storm Wood. Hardback by Philip Gray (Author)

As the cover notes read . . . uncover an unsettling mystery of World War One in The Times Thriller of the Year. If you love history – and war history, in particular – this one is right up your street. Plenty of plot twists – and it’s crying out to be turned into a screenplay.

Anatomy of a Scandal. Paperback by Sarah Vaughan (Author)

Decent read, with some neat plot twists. You can see why Netflix grabbed it. You’ll crack it all in under a day as an interesting diversion.

Scattershot: Life, Music, Elton and Me Hardcover – by Bernie Taupin (Author)

Listened to this on Audible. Plenty of music history. Rather too much of Bernie’s Wild West galloping. Bit of a show-off with words – but perhaps he’s earned that right. Likes to repeat key phrases and deal them out like cards. Amusing and interesting for the Elton links and how they worked together.

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