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The latest Phil Evans column – February 21

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The latest Phil Evans column – February 21

Posted By RobertLloyd58


People often ask me (as someone who’s acquainted with comedy) what, as Doddy put it, ‘exercises my chuckle muscles’.

Many comedians do. Billy Connolly for one. While other very successful laughter-makers you might think are hilarious, have never made me so much as smile.

As they say in certain French restaurants, “It’s horses for courses”.

When I’m out and about, people’s quirky mannerisms or their repetitive use of certain words and phrases (often completely out of context) – the little things that most people wouldn’t pick up on – make me smile inwardly.

I should add that comedians are terrified at the prospect of facing an audience who might just sit and smile inwardly through their act!

On the subject of comedians, for modern audiences, weaned on “Live From The Apollo” and other comedy shows where no holds are barred regarding subject matter and language, names from the past like Bob Hope and George Burns probably mean very little. If they do, they’re certainly not revered…and may even be regarded as ‘old hat’.

Yet when BBC 4 recently repeated a couple of “Parkinson” shows from the 70s that featured Hope and Burns, the relaxed, confident way the two veteran entertainers delivered their anecdotes and one-liners in a style developed over decades, were master classes. You could feel the warmth and love they were receiving from the audience.

Sometimes, an ‘Old hat’ can fit very comfortably.

But it’s mainly politicians that make me laugh the loudest today!

Watching ministers, deputy ministers and shadow ministers squirming and struggling to respond with a straightforward, believable answer when grilled by breakfast TV presenters, the politician’s eyes silently screaming “I’d rather be at the dentists!”, tears of laughter roll down my cheeks, diluting the milk in my cereal bowl.

During a recent TV debate, when the PM dispensed with his Armani jacket to address the studio audience and the viewers in his (Shock!) shirt sleeves, this blatantly stage-managed attempt to make the public think “Hey! He’s just like us!” made me roar with laughter so loudly my next-door neighbour complained. And he was visiting his sister in Aberystwyth!


Are you a keyboard warrior?

Opinions, opinions everywhere, but does anyone really care?

In a world where everyone has a voice, it’s like a never-ending game of “opinion ping-pong” where we’re all just bouncing ideas off each other, hoping to score a point.

With the rise of social media, expressing your thoughts has never been easier. But let’s face it, for every well-thought-out argument, there’s a troll lurking in the digital shadows, ready to pounce with their keyboard warrior skills. It’s like a virtual battlefield out there, with memes and GIFs as our weapons of choice.

Gone are the days of civil discourse and friendly debates. Now, it’s all about who can come up with the wittiest comeback or the most savage clapback. It’s like a digital Wild West, where the fastest typer wins the showdown.

And let’s not forget the power players in this online circus – our politicians, world leaders, and industry giants. If they can’t keep their cool and show some basic human decency, what hope is there for the rest of us? It’s like watching a reality show where the contestants are supposed to be role models but end up throwing shade instead.

So, next time you’re about to hit “send” on that fiery tweet or scathing comment, remember: education is our shield, and empathy is our sword.

Let’s strive for a world where opinions are respected, debates are constructive, and the only trolls we encounter are the ones in fairy tales. After all, there are always two sides to every argument – just like there are two sides to a screen.

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