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Ditch artificial and go natural for fresh smells

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Ditch artificial and go natural for fresh smells

Posted By Robert Lloyd

Experts from GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk have revealed the best sweet smelling plants.

Among them are mint and lavender which last longer and are cheaper than air fresheners.

In a bid to turn Brits against artificial air fresheners, five of the best smelling plants have been revealed.

Experts from GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk have compiled a list, including mint and lavender, of plants which will help keep houses smelling fresh for longer – and cheaper.

Air fresheners are believed to be causing adverse health effects such as migraines, asthma attacks and earache, causing many people to look for a natural alternative.

By swapping air fresheners for flowers, not only can it stop these harmful side effects, but plant can help improve mood and have positive effects to mental health.

A spokesperson for GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk said: “The side effects of air fresheners are not well known and can have an extremely negative impact on health.

“By swapping them with fresh flowers you are reducing the amount of chemicals people in the house are being exposed to, whilst achieving the same end goal.

“Just like air fresheners there’s a wide choice of scent meaning personal preference can play a large part in which plant you choose.

“Colours and the amount of space you are able to provide means that you can also add a decorative touch to rooms.”

This is GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk ‘s list of best smelling plants:


Famous for its remedial smell, Lavender is thought to have a calming effect which causes many to fall asleep. It has a distinct smell and has recognisable purple tipped flowers. Although it is famous for its soothing effect, it is still unknown how it works.

Lavender requires plenty of sunlight, so the window sill is the best place to leave it when growing indoors.

Citrus Plant

The sweet smells emitted from lemon, lime and grapefruit trees can help anyone relax, but can cause a lot of maintenance issues when grown inside. Needing at least eight hours of sunlight a day and a large water once a week, the plants survive best in the sunnier climates of Spain. A sourness can be created in the fruit, and smell, of the plant if enough sun isn’t received.


The flower is a regular ingredient in many perfumes, even if it isn’t found in the name. The sweet-smelling aroma can help keep houses and rooms smelling fresh for months. The plant will survive well under bright light and with a water once a week.

Scented Geranium

These plants can be chosen in unique scents, including apple, lemon and strawberry which can add a natural fragrance to any home, saving money on air fresheners. They can be split into seven main categories depending on their smell: rose, lemon, mint, fruit and nut, spice, pungent and oak. The plants also don’t take much looking after, with potted geraniums needed to be watered once every four weeks.

Mint Plant

If you’re not a big fan of flowery fragrance, fresh mint plants will give your house a clean smell without being overly floral. The most popular scents are peppermint and spearmint, which can also be used in the kitchen. The plant does need watering at least three to four times a week.





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