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The Armistice Suite will get its premiere in Neath next month

Robert Lloyd PR, Media and Marketing Consultancy News The Armistice Suite will get its premiere in Neath next month


The Armistice Suite will get its premiere in Neath next month

Posted By Robert Lloyd

A new theatre piece (a multi-media event about World War One and commemorating the signing of the Armistice) will get its premiere in Neath next month (June).

The Armistice Suite is written, edited, collated and produced by Gruffydd Harries, a musician, arts administrator, writer and producer of critically acclaimed documentaries for ILR and a script-writer for HTV.

Original music has been composed by BAFTA winning, EMMY nominated Welsh musician – Mark Thomas.

It will be performed live in performances by the finest professional musicians from The Chamber Orchestra of Wales.

There will be a continuous slide show of relevant images and video, synchronised to the words.

These include rare photographs and film of people, places and events alongside works by notable war artists such as Sir Frank Brangwyn.

Readings, poems, quotes and enactments from diaries, letters,documents etc. relevant to the different wartime scenarios under examination, are presented and performed by three eminent and popular Welsh television and stage personalities.

The Armistice Suite suite “stirs the emotions” as only words and music can, with moments of poignancy and sadness but also with “feel good” moments and humour. It is certainly not full of blood, gore and destruction – although elements of such can not be totally avoided.

The story of one of the most notable events of the 20th Century cannot be covered in just one evening’s presentation. Therefore, a series of chronologically important, fascinating and interesting events – many with particular relevance to the Principality – are examined and the human aspects of these are explored.

The Armistice Suite will get its first performance in Neath – at the Little Theatre on Friday, June 8.

It will also feature at the Gower Festival on July 14 – www.gowerfestival.org   

The show is also being booked into Llanelli in September and Blackwood in October. More dates are being added all the time.

About The Armistice Suite 2018:

A century ago, this country was involved in the Great War. This was a conflict on a scale hitherto unknown on this planet. A total of 32 countries were involved and although estimates vary, at least twelve million people were killed and countless more injured. The number of individuals and families adversely affected cannot be quantified. The First World War has passed out of living memory now but should never be forgotten. It seems therefore appropriate in 2018 to bring the story to the widest audience possible, using the arts. 

The Armistice Suite is a multi-media performance piece consisting of words, music and visuals, to commemorate the centenary of the end of the Great War and the signing of the Armistice, in November 1918. It is available to tour in either English or Welsh during the whole of 2018. Being “self-contained”, the Armistice Suite is suitable for all venues – theatres, halls, schools, colleges, churches, chapels etc. – from the smallest to the largest. The project has a strong Welsh bias. Stories from towns and villages throughout the Principality are recounted and the lives of the populace – including recruits and serving military are considered and re-enacted in various scenarios. The significant contribution of Welsh women certainly isn’t forgotten. The fortunes of the military units serving under the Welsh banner are used to illustrate relevant chapters and the legacy of the conflict in Wales is examined. 

The Armistice Suite has provision for information pertinent to a particular area, or to the age/structure of an audience – to be added to every performance thus making it unique and relevant. There are no graphic descriptions or images of death or violence and the performance is suitable for all age groups. Services of an experienced “signer” for special signed performances can be available.

For theatre bookings for The Armistice Suite 

Contact Ian Parsons on 07875461823 or 01639 770973 

You can follow The Armistice Suite project on Twitter – @armistice_suite

YouTube trailer –

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