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The latest Phil Evans column – May 08

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The latest Phil Evans column – May 08

Posted By RobertLloyd58


When Noel Coward attended West End opening nights, after the show he was invariably asked backstage where the actors, writers and director eagerly awaited his critique.

Early in his career, Noel may have sometimes been brutally honest when asked, “So, what did you think of the show?”

But, in later life, he cannily respond in one of two ways.

“What can I say?” or “You’ve done it again!”

Both open to wide interpretation!

I recently thought, “Phil. you’ve done it again!” when I made the mistake of watching a TV discussion in which a none-too-well-informed young lady stridently complained, “Pensioners, with their massive 8.5% pension increase, are ruining the lives and prospects of 20-somethings who can’t get on the housing ladder. Pensioners don’t need increased benefits because they haven’t got mortgages!”

Ladies and gents . . . there’s more!

Revealing a breathtaking ignorance of 20th Century social history, she claimed, “Pensioners had it so much easier when they were in their 20s!”

A justifiably peeved pensioner taking part explained she had started work in 1965 and, to take on a mortgage when she got married, she had three part-time jobs – one of which paid £2 a week.

Oh yes. Things were SO much easier then!

The pensioner eloquently added that not all pensioners are mortgage-free and like everyone else they pay council tax, water rates, utility bills and pay for . . . What’s that ‘luxury’? Oh yes! Food!

The young lady’s crass reference to the State Pension being a ‘benefit’ was also given short shrift! Pensioners have paid income tax and National Insurance since they started work.

Having paid in for half a century, they quite rightly expect the DPW to pay out. That’s the deal.

The young lady preferred to ignore the fact that the recent pension increase has pushed many retired pensioners into the tax-paying bracket. What’s given with one hand is craftily taken away by another!

To become a doctor or solicitor you must study for years before you’re allowed to give your professional opinion.

Yet any idiot can appear on TV and be allowed to express theirs, however half-baked. What can I say?


Get ready to party, because festivals are back and better than ever!

Festivals are not just about having a blast, they’re a much-needed escape from the daily grind.

It’s the time to let your hair down, forget your worries, and immerse yourself in a world of pure fun.

From mind-blowing music to mouth-watering food and jaw-dropping art, there’s something for everyone. No matter what you’re into, festivals have got you covered!

But hold on, there’s more to festivals than meets the eye.

These epic gatherings are not just good for our souls, they’re also a major boost for our local economies.

Think about it: small businesses get a chance to shine, communities thrive, and jobs are created. It’s a win-win situation!

Plus, festivals are a golden opportunity for talented artists and performers to show off their skills to a massive crowd. It’s like their time to shine under the spotlight!

So, let’s get out there and support our favourite festivals. Attend them, volunteer, and spread the word on social media like it’s your job!

Life is too short to miss out on the good times, and festivals are the ultimate celebration of life itself. Let’s make memories, make friends, and make the most of every moment.

Get ready to dance, laugh, and create unforgettable experiences. The festival season is here, and it’s time to party like there’s no tomorrow!

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