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The latest Phil Evans column

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The latest Phil Evans column

Posted By Robert Lloyd

Comedian Phil Evans is from Ammanford. He is known as the man who puts the ‘cwtsh’ into comedy. Website – www.philevans.co.uk


I’ve had enough.

In these ‘PC‘ times, it seems some individuals are so intolerant, so lacking in humour, that hearing a joke or remark they don’t like, instead of ignoring it, they feel ‘victimised’ and must make a fuss about it.

Recently in San Francisco, Richard Ned Lebow, a 75-year old Professor at Kings College London, attended the A.G.M. of The International Studies Association – The I.S.A.

While Richard was standing at the back of a crowded lift, a man at the front, next to the buttons, called out “What floors do you people want?”

The Professor, jokily replied, “Ladies lingerie!”

He knew it was pretty lame, but several people chuckled and he gave it no more thought.

Four hours later, a woman he didn’t know, a Professor of Women’s And Gender Studies, lodged a formal complaint with the I.S.A., stating that she’d been in the lift and “as a survivor of sexual harassment in the academy I’m quite shaken by this incident”.

She claimed she’dasked what floors people wanted and that Professor Lebow’s reply of “Women’sLingerie” had been aimed directly at her.

Professor Lebow said he’d definitely hearda man’s voice and had replied, “LadiesLingerie”.

As his view was obscured by people standing in front of him, he couldn’t possibly have ‘aimed’ the joke at her.

Nevertheless, he sent her a polite e-mail explaining he hadn’t intended to make her feel uncomfortable – but the lady complained about that, too!

The I.S.A. declared his joke was ’offensive and inappropriate’, his e-mail ‘was an even more serious violation’ and he should make an ‘unequivocal apology’.

Unsurprisingly he’s refused to, stating that “If we allow people to dictate what we can or can’t say and to intimidate us with cries of ‘sexist’ and ‘misogynist’ we will lose our cherished freedom of speech”.

Next time I’m in a lift, my lips will be like the doors – closed!


Fake News:

We hear a lot these days about ‘Fake News’.

I’ll hold my hands up here – which isn’t easy when you’re typing a newspaper article – and admit that I’m not really sure what ‘Fake News’ is.

I often wonder if the complaints about ‘Fake News’ are themselves fake and just a clever distraction to take the public’s eye off therealstory that might shine a spotlight on the misconduct of whoever’s complaining about ‘Fake News’.

It’s a possibility . . .

While I’m unsure what ‘Fake News’ is, I know that ‘Incorrect News’ is down to inadequate research, as illustrated by the recent story featured on social media stating that Ed Sheeran was spotted in a well know Swansea Uplands pub on the Friday evening prior to his performance at the Big Weekend music festival.


It appears that this was a well-orchestrated stunt and, in all fairness, the desired effect was achieved.

It turns out he was actually doing his shopping in Aldi, Llansamlet.

It fooled me as well as thousands of other people.

I don’t know what to believe anymore.

Well, now is probably the time to reveal that Phil Evans is actually a completely made up name, there is no such person and my name is actually Barbara, 73 from Llanelli.

Or is it?


You can follow Phil Evans on Twitter @philevanswales and www.philevans.co.uk

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