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Involve older neighbours in your festivities this Christmas

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Involve older neighbours in your festivities this Christmas

Posted By Robert Lloyd

Age Cymru released some shocking research this week showing that half a million older people across the UK are expecting to feel lonely this Christmas with a further quarter of million saying loneliness has become a ‘normal’ part of life.

It also found that more than 530,000 older people aren’t looking forward to Christmas because for them it’s ‘just another day’.

So Age Cymru is urging people to do something to turn around this sad state of affairs and involve older people in some of their festive celebrations this year.

Simple acts of kindness such as inviting someone around for a drink and a mince pie, giving a small gift, or offering to take someone out to see a carol concert or the local festive lights can make all the difference.

Age Cymru’s chief executive, Victoria Lloyd says, “Many older people become lonely through no fault of their own, for example through  circumstances such as bereavement, ill health, families moving away, or losing contact with former work colleagues following retirement.

“Sadly, this sense of loneliness becomes even more apparent during Christmas as the rest of us busy ourselves with the festive preparations, and celebrating with colleagues, families and friends.

“By including an older person in a part of your festivities this year you can help them feel that someone still cares for them and that Christmas may still be special.”

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