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The latest Phil Evans column – January 10

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The latest Phil Evans column – January 10

Posted By RobertLloyd58


You know by now I’m not a TV addict who watches soaps or ‘reality’ shows.

While I usually avoid anything with ‘Celebrity’ in the title, I recently watched one that made me laugh out loud – although I doubt the producers of “Celebrity Mastermind” intended it to.

I roared as four ‘celebs’ who I (and 80% of viewers) didn’t recognise, failed to answer a series of stupefyingly simple questions along the lines of, “In the nursery rhyme, what type of creature was Incy Wincy?”

When I tell you the specialist subject of one ‘celeb’ was ‘My House’ and they failed to score one point, that’ll give you an idea of how hilarious it was.

But I digress . . .

That wonderful provider of vintage films and TV shows, the Talking Pictures TV channel, recently broadcast a short tribute to the stars who passed away in 2023, which I found both moving and shocking.

We lose stars every year, but 2023 was particularly cruel.

Here’s just a few . . .

Barry Humphries. Tony Bennett. Tina Turner. Mike Yarwood. Joss Ackland. Michael Gambon. Michael Parkinson. Raquel Welch. Sinead O’Connor. Paul O’Grady. Matthew Perry. Vince Hill. Shirley Anne Field. Richard ‘Shaft’ Roundtree. Tom Wilkinson. Glenda Jackson.

All gone – never to be replaced.

On New Year’s Eve, we lost actor David Kernan, well-known in the West End for shows like “Side By Side By Sondheim”. He also appeared in the 1964 film “Zulu” – although he wasn’t supposed to!

When the cast and crew were on the plane flying out to Natal to make the film, the star and co-producer Stanley Baker introduced himself to everyone in turn, rejoined director Cy Endfield at the front and whispered, “I know all the actors, except him”, looking over at David Kernan.

Cy said: “He’s the guy you asked for. From the TV show “That Was The Week That Was”. The one whose surname starts with a ‘K’.

Stanley slumped back in his seat and sighed, “I meant Roy Kinnear!”

Which is why the part of Private Fred Hitch was played by a stage musical performer instead of the rotund comedy actor.


A good start to the year.

It appears that my luck is changing and the future is looking amazingly bright.

Let me explain.

I have received a courtship proposal by email from an Ukrainian lady, 20 years younger than myself, who reassures me that her intentions are honourable and she is very keen to learn to speak English.

I’d have been slightly more impressed if she’d have said Welsh.

She seemed very keen for me to accept her proposal quickly and assured me I was the man for her.

Strangely, earlier that day I also received an email from an overseas legal firm informing me that a legal loophole had been found which meant that they had chosen me to be party to a $1,000,000 inheritance.

To proceed, I simply needed to supply my full name and bank details.

How amazing is that?

With all the doom and gloom around, my luck seems to be finally changing for the better!

My only initial concern here is that my future Ukrainian love may have already had access to my emails and just be after me for my inheritance?

Surely not?

She’s promised to send me a picture of herself….

Watch this space!

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