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The latest Phil Evans column – February 14

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The latest Phil Evans column – February 14

Posted By RobertLloyd58


I was queuing in my bank, waiting to deposit my winnings from the one-armed bandit in my local pub.

For those of you who don’t know, he’s a Brazilian named Pedro Gonzales and (as he’s minus one arm) you wonder why he didn’t follow a less demanding career than banditry . . . and also why he plays pub dominos for money with me, the man crowned West Wales Domino Champion three years running.

And, believe me, playing dominos while you’re running takes some doing.

As I queued, I was forced to listen to a cacophony of songs playing from the speakers around me. Mainly ear-piercing, back-to-back, soulful (i.e. depressing) ballads sung by Adele squawk-a-likes.

It seemed totally inappropriate for what is, after all, a business environment where customers carry out private or commercial financial matters, without having their ears assaulted by someone wringing every last syllable out of a simple line like “You don’t love me anymore” for 10 minutes,

That evening, the TV news announced more branches of a well-known bank are closing because the majority of their customers bank online.

A spokesperson said only eight per cent actually use their local branch, mainly people over the age of 60 – stopping short of referring to them as dinosaurs or nuisances. But only just!

I question that low percentage. But, assuming it’s true, I have a couple of questions . . .

Why do banks have songs playing in the background, anyway?

People managed quite well without it for decades and not one customer commented, as they cashed their wages cheque, “You know, what this place needs is some Sinatra blasting out!”

If most customers who use banks in 2024 are over 60, why are the songs they have to listen to more likely to appeal to the under 30s, who, we’re assured, all bank online?

Banks can’t have it both ways.

Could it be a sinister ploy by banks to make the experience so excruciating for loyal customers who’ve been with them for years, they decide to throw in the towel and bank online?

If so, eventually only the staff will be left to hum along to the songs . . just before the branch closes and they’re out of work.


We can all help our towns.

Listen up, folks! We need to talk about supporting our local businesses because it’s getting real out there. I mean, have you seen the struggle? It’s like watching a marathon runner with a broken leg trying to compete against Usain Bolt. It’s not pretty.

These local small businesses, some of them passed down through generations, have been the backbone of our culture for as long as we can remember.

But guess what? They’re disappearing faster than a slice of pizza at a party. It’s a sad sight to see.

But fear not, my friends, because we can make a difference. It’s time to rally together and show some love to our local communities. And who should step up to the plate? Our local councils, that’s who!

They need to make our towns more accessible with cheaper (or dare I say, free) parking. That way, our local traders can actually have a fighting chance against the retail giants.

Let’s face it, when a local business shuts down, it’s not like it magically reappears like a phoenix.

Nope, it’s gone for good, leaving a void in our towns and villages.

And trust me, you can see the effects. The character and community spirit are slowly eroding, and we’re just standing by, watching it happen like it’s no big deal.

But guess what? It is a big deal!

It’s time to wake up and smell the local coffee shop’s freshly brewed java.

We need to up our game, people!

We need to make a conscious effort to buy locally and show our commitment to keeping the heart of our culture and communities alive.

So the next time you’re tempted to click that “Add to Cart” button on a faceless online store, think twice.

Take a stroll down your local high street, support that quirky little bookstore, indulge in some handmade crafts, and grab a bite at that family-run restaurant.

Because, when we buy local, we’re not just making a purchase, we’re making a statement. We’re saying, “Hey, we care about our community, and we’re here to keep the spirit alive!”

Let’s show those retail giants that the little guys can pack a punch.

Who’s with me? Let’s make our towns vibrant, unique, and full of life again!

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