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Hywel Dda calls on community to help win the fight against influenza

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Hywel Dda calls on community to help win the fight against influenza

Posted By Robert Lloyd

The annual Hywel Dda programme to encourage people in eligible groups across mid and west Wales to have a vaccination to protect themselves from influenza (flu), a virus that can cause serious illness, is being launched today (Thursday, 27 September).

This will complement the national Beat Flu campaign which launches (3rd October), led by Public Health Wales.

This year Hywel Dda has developed a localised campaign aimed at bringing together every resident in mid and west Wales to tackle this problem as one collective community. The superhero based theme is a call to action urging residents to become a “superprotector” by getting vaccinated which will ultimately help protect themselves, patients, their families, colleagues and neighbours from catching flu.

The theme will be introduced across Hywel Dda sites using visuals and messaging that have been developed to be eye catching, memorable and mean something to those that that view the messages with a hope that they are encouraged to make the effort to receive their flu vaccination.

We have particular challenges around flu vaccination uptake in the Hywel Dda region so whilst the campaign calls on everyone to get vaccinated it also focuses specifically groups that are eligible for a free vaccination which include NHS staff, pregnant women, people with certain chronic long term health conditions (a full list can be found below), and everyone aged 65 and over. We are also encouraging everyone, whether eligible for a free NHS vaccine or not, to have the vaccination to help prevent the spread of flu.

Children aged two to ten years (age on 31st August 2018) are also eligible as the vaccine programme for children is again being extended this year. The vaccine for adults is a small injection, but for children it is a simple nasal spray. Children aged between two and three years can receive the nasal vaccine at their GP surgery while those in reception class and every primary school (years 1-6) can get it at school.

To support the principle that the fight against flu is something we all need to work together to win the Hywel Dda University Health Board Executive Directors and Independent Members have held their own vaccination session at today’s Board meeting in Ceredigion to show their support and commitment to the campaign.

Ros Jervis, Director of Public Health for Hywel Dda University Health Board, who launched the campaign today, reiterated it is vital that those most at risk take advantage of the free vaccine: “Influenza can be a life-threatening illness for people who are at risk due to their age, an underlying health problem, or because they are pregnant. Sadly, influenza kills people in Wales every year.

“Influenza spreads very easily. Extending the programme to more children this year will help protect them from catching flu, and will also prevent them spreading it to others in the community who may be very vulnerable. I particularly call on the parents of 2-3 year old children to get their children vaccinated with the simple nasal spray this year as the statistics show as few as six 2-3 year old children vaccinated prevents one case of flu – this age group has the best opportunity over all others to help stop the spread of flu – they are our ultimate “superprotectors”.

“People can be seriously ill with influenza, and a flu vaccination is the best way to protect against it, so I call on each and every person in the Hywel Dda region including all our own staff to join us in helping prevent the spread of this virus by getting vaccinated and help make our local community a safer place to live this winter.”

While most NHS flu vaccines are given in GP surgeries, free vaccination is also available for some eligible adults in many community pharmacies across Wales. Carers, volunteers providing planned emergency first aid, Community First Responders  and for the first time this year, people working in care homes that have regular client contact are also entitled to the vaccine. It’s also recommended that frontline health and social care workers have the free vaccine to protect themselves and those they care for. They can talk to their occupational health department or employer about where and when they can get their vaccine.

Important information about influenza and the vaccine

Influenza is a respiratory illness caused by a virus that affects the lungs and airways. Symptoms generally come on suddenly, and can include fever, chills, headache, cough, body aches and fatigue.

The influenza virus is spread via droplets which are sprayed into the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Direct contact with contaminated hands or surfaces can also spread infection. It can spread rapidly, especially in closed communities such as hospitals, residential homes and schools.

The influenza viruses that circulate and cause illness each winter change and therefore each year the flu vaccine is changed to try and match the circulating strains, in order to give best protection.

Find out more by visiting www.beatflu.org or www.curwchffliw.org or finding Beat Flu or Curwch Ffliw on Twitter and Facebook.


• Most people who are fit and well recover fully from influenza, but some need hospital treatment.

• Thousands of people die from flu in the UK in a typical year.
• Flu strains differ from year to year so it’s important to have a flu vaccine every year, ideally before flu starts to circulate.
• Having a long-term health condition increases a person’s risk of being very ill from flu with the risk of death typically over 10 times higher than in those not in a risk group, and up to 50 times higher for some conditions.
• Last winter, over half of adults under 65 who were at increased risk of flu and its
complications did not have their free annual flu vaccine.
• This flu season the vaccine offered will depend on a person’s age, based on which vaccine works best in their age groups which will help improve effectiveness. Different vaccines are recommended according to age:
• Children aged 2 and over – Live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) nasal spray
• Under 65 years – Quadrivalent influenza vaccine (QIV) injection
• Age 65 and over – Adjuvanted trivalent influenza vaccine (aTIV) injection
• The nasal spray vaccine works best in children and the ‘adjuvanted’ flu vaccine (aTIV) is more effective in those aged 65 and over, especially in those age 75 and over.
• This is the first year that people working in care homes can have their flu vaccination free at their community pharmacy, all those with regular client contact will be eligible.

Eligible groups include:
• People aged 65 or over
• People from 6 months to 64 years of age with a long-term health condition including, chest problems (including moderate to severe asthma), heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, neurological conditions including stroke, poor functioning or absent spleen and lowered immunity due to a health condition, medication or treatment for cancer (the immuno-compromised)
• Adults with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or above (morbidly obese)
• Pregnant women
• Children aged two or three years old (age on 31 August 2018)
• Children in primary school
• Care home staff with regular client contact
• Carers who are unpaid – either family or volunteers
• Anyone resident in a care home
• Community First Responders
• People working in voluntary organisations providing planned first aid, such as St John’s Ambulance

The vaccine is also recommended for all frontline health and social care workers provided their employer.


Campaign poster

Director of Public Health for Hywel Dda UHB, Ros Jervis, receiving her influenza vaccine

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