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Blue bags on their way to all Carmarthenshire households

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Blue bags on their way to all Carmarthenshire households

Posted By Robert Lloyd

Deliveries of blue bags to every household in Carmarthenshire have started.

By the end of March, every home will have received three rolls of blue bags, which allows up to six bags for each recycling collection week – although there is no limit to the amount of blue bags you can place out for recycling.

Refuse/ recycling crews will be delivering these to 87,000 households during this period. They will be in Carmarthenshire County Council marked vans, and deliveries will be made Monday to Saturday up until 5pm. The deliveries will be made separately to the usual refuse/recycling collections.

This is the second year that the council has been delivering three rolls to each household. The decision was made following feedback from residents who asked for blue bags to be more accessible to help them recycle more. It was also implemented to ensure the bags were used solely for their main purpose of recycling household items.

Having blue bags delivered to homes aims to ensure all residents are equipped with the bags to allow them to recycle household items easily.

Large families, which may require additional rolls during the year, can collect from 12 collection points allocated across the county, along with the mobile library service. 
The outlets are: Amman Valley Leisure Centre; Ammanford and Carmarthen customer service centres; Carmarthen Leisure Centre; Lampeter library; Llandeilo council offices; Llandovery swimming pool; Llandysul library; Llanelli customer services centre; Llanelli Leisure Centre, Newcastle Emlyn Library and St Clears Leisure Centre.

The council’s executive board member for environment, Cllr Hazel Evans, said: “This is the second year that we are delivering blue bags to each household in the county following on from feedback we have previously received from residents. By now we are confident that we have addressed any problems that we may have encountered last year and have taken on board feedback from our residents. I hope this scheme continues to help households to keep up their good work in recycling.”

Crews will deliver to all households. Houses across the road or further down the street can often be on a different delivery route, therefore you could receive them at different times. 

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