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New visitors flock to Pembrey sand dunes

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New visitors flock to Pembrey sand dunes

Posted By Robert Lloyd

There’s a welcome in the hillside for Pembrey Country Park’s latest visitors.

Mountain sheep are spending their winter holiday grazing the sand dunes by Cefn Sidan beach.

The flock of Welsh Glamorgan’s will be helping to conserve rare wildlife as well as encouraging dune growth which can be affected by bad weather.

A dune system will naturally move in the wind, with millions of tiny grains of sand blowing around. Some dunes will be eroding and others will build up as part of this natural land-forming process.

The project is a joint venture between Mark Powell, a specialist in traditional grazing, Carmarthenshire County Council’s Local Nature Reserves, Pembrey Country Park and Pont Cymru with funding from Welsh Government’s Environment Single Revenue Grant – Enhancing access to a biodiverse natural environment.

Carmarthenshire County Council’s conservation officer, Simeon Jones said: “Sheep grazing in Pembrey Country Park will be a welcome addition to the already established cattle grazing project in Pembrey Burrows Local Nature Reserve next door to the park. Grazing sand dunes is now seen as essential in conserving some of our rarer wildlife, but also in keeping the sand dune habitat in a healthy state.”

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