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Random blog – November 11

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Random blog – November 11

Posted By Robert Lloyd

Weather forecast for Llanelli-on-sea today is ‘more than half tidy, well up to three-quarters tidy’.

McMillan Morning Notes (early walk) –

The pipes, the pipes they are a-calling . . . for Remembrance.

Anyone for a game of upside down wall bingo?

Make caring count, especially as some think ‘they’ don’t care.

Jumbo breakfast was very Joly in Llanelli.

Nothing prepared me for the hell of being a cancer patient in Wales in 2023 –


Devoted dad and local rugby player dies suddenly after facing mental health challenges –


The exact locations of mobile speed camera locations in Wales for November 2023 as enforcement of 20mph law set to begin –


Today’s random front page is the Stoke Sentinel. #SupportYourLocalPaper #RegionalFronts #buyapaper

Today’s South Wales Echo front page. #SupportYourLocalPaper #RegionalFronts #BuyAPaper

Today’s South Wales Evening Post front page. #SupportYourLocalPaper #RegionalFronts #BuyAPaper

Today’s Western Mail front page. #SupportYourLocalPaper #RegionalFronts #buyapaper

One for my pals in the north. Today’s Daily Post front page. #SupportYourLocalPaper #RegionalFronts #BuyAPaper

Today’s playlist is a random mix from Spotify. Includes Joni Mitchell, Mumford and Sons, Dave Mason, Eric Clapton and Fleetwood Mac.

Using a hot tub has left my little girl in constant agony for two years –


The pubs in Wales looking for new landlords and how much they will cost you –



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