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The latest Phil Evans column – May 01

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The latest Phil Evans column – May 01

Posted By RobertLloyd58


It was once a common sight, hanging on the wall behind the counter, in many small shops and mini-markets.

A clearly written sign, in full view of every customer, that read, “Please do not ask for credit as a refusal often offends.”

Some younger readers might think it sounds ‘quaint’, but they must admit the wording – polite but to the point – removed any possibly ambiguity regarding whether customers might be able to buy a loaf of bread, a packet of tea and a pint of milk ‘on tick’.

It was cash up front or go elsewhere.

And you’d be hard pressed to find another small business that didn’t have a similar sign behind the counter.

Today, in small shops, people use a debit card to buy anything from a newspaper to a sausage roll. Which is a form of credit that no-one thinks twice about.

That said, when Tesco and Sainsburys had computer meltdowns a few Saturdays ago, for a few hours they could onlyaccept cash . . . which bewildered customers who believe we’re already living in a cashless society.

Presumably, they left the store without their weekly ‘big shop’.

Bear that in mind next time someone confidently tells you, “No-one uses cash anymore!”

Maybe I’m wrong (I guarantee someone will be only too eager to point it out – yes, that’s YOU, Mrs Betty Evans of Fishguard Harbour), but current affairs shows love booking guests who hold whacky opinions and are in a permanent state of expecting to be offended by somebody else’s viewpoint.

It’s not enough for them to simply disagree with someone who has the opposite – and usually more reasonable – view to theirs.

They have to claim they’ve been ‘offended’ because the other person has the ‘audacity’ to disagree with them.

The discussion gets more ‘volcanic’ than ‘heated’ which leaves both parties disgruntled, and viewers frustrated, wondering why they bothered watching.

Here’s a helpful suggestion for TV current affairs producer. Have a big sign permanently hanging in the studio that says . . .

“Please don’t disagree with dippy guests, as a rebuttal of their daft opinion will definitely offend!”


We all need a bit of sunshine and a break!

As I sit here, contemplating the elusive concept known as ‘summer’ in Wales, I can’t help but wonder if we’ll ever experience it.

You see, summer is like that distant relative who promises to visit every year but never actually shows up.

Will this be the year we finally get a taste of those long summer days and warm summer nights?

Or will we be left longing for a relaxing break that may never come?

Rumour has it that travel agents are being bombarded with inquiries, as if the mere glimpse of sunshine last weekend has ignited a collective desire for a getaway.

Could this be a sign that the financial hardships are finally behind us and people have more money to spare?

Or is it simply a testament to the fact that people will always find a way to splurge on what makes them feel good, no matter the circumstances?

They say a change is as good as a rest, but it seems most folks are willing to venture overseas in search of guaranteed sunshine.

It’s a bit disheartening, really, considering the natural beauty that surrounds us in this part of the world.

We’re truly blessed, yet we find ourselves yearning for foreign shores.

Speaking of yearning, one of my so-called friends suggested we go camping this year.

After careful consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that nobody needs friends like this.

Life is already hard enough without subjecting ourselves to the trials and tribulations of outdoor living.

So, farewell to the idea of camping, and hello to a life of relative comfort and indoor plumbing.

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